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Ultra Unique Bed & Breakfast Close To Beach In Naples, FL

Pinellas County, FL, USA

Property Description

Disc Earn: $118,079

Sales: $388,359

This is the opportunity of a lifetime, to own one of the coolest, most unique businesses with property ever! Located just steps from salt water, this amazing Bed and Breakfast is the talk of the town, internet, state, you name it! Recently built, this well engineered campus, screams tropical luxury at its finest!

All of their Lodging Accommodations Are Themed. They decided to split it up and have the rooms themed after local coastal cities and their cottages themed after Florida. It took a couple of months and many trips to local locations to finally nail it all down, but it’s complete and amazing!

With multiple rooms and styles, the real estate can't be beat! This is where everyone wants to be! There is even an owner on site accommodations, so you can live their too!

Currently they are 100% up to code and complaint with all local ordinances and regulations, this place must be seen to be believed!

Own your own piece of tropical paradise and make great money doing it!!!

Public Space ADA Accessible Features:

  • Accessible Parking Space and Signage (Car and Van)

  • Accessible Parking Space That Is 96-inches Wide with An Appropriate Access Aisle

  • An Accessible Route That Allows for Approaching and Entering the Hotel

  • An Accessible Lobby Entrance Door

  • An Accessible Reception Area (Lobby) To Greet Guests

  • Room Signage: 60-inches To Sign Center Above Finished Floor

Reason for Sale: Other Business Ventures

General Location: Northern Pinellas Coast

Organization Type: 'LLC' Hours Owner Works: 40:Years

Established : 1 Years Owned: 1 Emp FT: 0 Emp PT: 2 Mgrs: 0

Non Compete: Miles: 3 Years: 3 Weeks Training: 2 Cost: 0

Operating dys/hrs: Mon - Sun 11 - 7

Skills/Licenses: Health, occupational, management,Business:

Is Relocatable: N Is Home Based: Y Is a Franchise: N Is Lender P/Q: N

May Qualify For Visa: Y

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Real Property Rltd





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Property Location

Pinellas County, FL, USA

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