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  • Sales Team Training (Corporate) 72hrs

    Do you have a sales teams whose numbers have been below your company's target quarter are quarter? Get them the best damn sales training around from an industry giant with over 20 years of sales in Fortune 500 companies and one of the world's top producers. Over the course of 72 hours you team will be reprogrammed into the best damn sales team there is. This intense program will take them through the ABC's of selling in the current market and provide the confident and methods guaranteed to improve their closing percentages. Or you can continue to lack in overall productivity, sales and bottom-line. One-on-one or a team

  • Business Funding Consultation

    Get detailed insight into different loans offered to help entrepreneurs fund their businesses. Get a free business evaluation and loan readiness assortment to assure your business is ready to fund.

  • Logistics Consulting Call

    This consultation is for interested investors or owners & clients who own a trucking company started through our firm. It is also for owner operators who are new to logistics and have a question about the day to day operations of the logistics business. General questions regarding logistics.

  • Credit Tribe On-boarding

    One time on-boarding paperwork processing & 1st month of credit repair services. Standard credit tribe prices resume after 1st month.


    Schedule a consultation to discuss your credit status, our pricing and programs on how we can assist you in achieving you credit goals​ Providing premier credit solutions for entrepreneurs on the go. Credit automation.

  • Business Credit Profile & Funding

    -Assess your business profile compliance with the reporting agencies. -Establish your business DUNS profile -Establish your beginner Business Credit accounts through vendor credit with specific reporting vendors. -Establish 2nd and 3 tier accounts -Monitor your business credit report to assure future tradelines -Connect your business to large scale accounts such as credit card companies and banks as well as private lenders to potentially secure millions in funding.

  • Business Formation (Structuring)

    All documented mailed via certified mail within 21 days. -State Registration -Employer ID Number(EIN) -Articles of Organization -Biz Credit Profile (DUNS and basic 2 basic trade accounts) You'll have everything you need to open a business bank account at the bank of your choice. If you need further assistance building credit please consider our other credit services. Expect Client Profile Intake Interview Within 48hrs at the phone number you provide. Business formations established through proper legal channels by attorney partners.

  • Personal Trade-lines Positive Reporting

    Add positive reporting to the agencies. Between $1000-10,000 of available credit reporting monthly. Consider purchasing our monthly credit repair plus membership to added monthly tradelines for a set fee. Allow 15-45 days to report.

  • Complete Credit Cleanse

    These high-volume clean your credit strategies in which certain item on a person’s credit report is disputed all at once. Our credit experts using advanced and effective methods, techniques and strategies to raise your credit. Results in 60-120 days


    Our top rated DOT certified mechanics & inspectors work with you to evaluate the performance of your equipment. The quality of your trucks determines your profit. Let us help by saving you time and money by investing in quality equipment from the beginning. -We'll shop for you. Just tell us the equipment you need -Our top rated mechanics will evaluate and inspect your equipment -Dedicated lanes w/ insurance, dispatch & back office, -Company formation (authority set up)& structuring (optional) -Business credit profile(DUNS account activated) established with (2) level one vendors.

  • Credit Club Plus (1 month trial)

    Includes: -Monthly credit services (1 month) -Disputes up to 10 accounts Unlimited monthly disputes-CREDIT CLUB MEMBERS ONLY -1 Positive tradeline reporting for 1 month (up to 3months) Amount: $500-$1,000

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